Jessica has assisted with: editing and formatting our direct mail campaign letter; creating an e-mail newsletter that we can send out bi-monthly; setting up an MailChimp account so we can more easily and quickly reach our families. In the future, I look forward to working with her on our letterhead, flyers and other marketing tools.

Jessica is a creative and dependable person who gives us new ways of looking at the ways we communicate with our families and gives us ideas on how to format different information pieces.

We are a small organization that has three part-time employees and more than 150 volunteers. We don’t have the time, software packages or the talent to do what Jessica has done in a short time to improve and enhance our newsletter, flyers and e-mails.

I have no doubts in recommending Jessica to other organizations and businesses. In fact, I have already spoken to several people about the positive difference Jessica has made for our Foundation.

Thomas Orth
Executive Director
Epilepsy Services Foundation
Tampa, FL.

I was hesitant to hire a virtual assistant because I am detail oriented and intolerant to mistakes – even typos. I am a solopreneur with two businesses and I juggle a lot of tasks and details. Jessica has picked up instantly on everything I have asked her to do, she does not make mistakes (even typos) and has written up detailed protocols for all my processes and procedures. The biggest benefit for me is that the tasks that have been sucking my time and energy are all handled by Jessica. I have room to focus on growing my business instead of being stuck in the minutiae of running the day to day. I have recommended Jessica to several solopreneurs in my business circles and two of them have hired her and are also very happy with her work.

Melissa D. Cope, CPC, LMBT (NC #4552)
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
Career & Business Coach

Jessica has made my life SO much easier. Not only does she do the tasks that I don’t like to do, but she does them much faster than I could. Having her as my VA keeps me on track with my business goals because I no longer feel overwhelmed and I can focus on the work I enjoy. I recommend Jessica for anyone who wants fast, reliable assistance for their projects or in their business.

Kristine M.

Jessica worked wonderfully as a mentor inside of Zirtual for our newest assistants. She, on her own, reworked some holes in our program and developed her own system that we still use today. She was proactive, welcoming, and a great role model for our newest “ZAs” to look up to.

I’d recommend Jessica to work inside any training program, especially on the documentation side of things.

Eric Grant
Head of Learning

As a Virtual Executive Assistant, Jessica will help increase your productivity and peace of mind. Jessica has fantastic communication skills and ensures that any project she works on is done on-time and with total accuracy. She gets up to speed extremely quickly, is reliable and trustworthy. Jessica is truly a great find for anyone looking for a Virtual Executive Assistant.

Meghan Lazier
Savvy Cinderella